Ken Sim

Ken Sim

My Journey

"I was born, raised and still live in Vancouver"

My parents moved to Canada in 1967 with three young children. After arriving in Canada, they gave birth to another daughter and then I was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital. We moved around a lot growing up (moving from one rental to another across the city). I went to Queen Alexandra, Trafalgar, Jamieson, Kitchener and Captain Cook elementary schools. Our family finally settled down in South Vancouver and I attended Churchill and Magee high schools and then UBC.

Today, my wife and I are parents to four boys. Our sons attend Trafalgar Elementary, Kitsilano Secondary and UBC. I also have a large extended family living nearby.

"My first job was working as a night-shift janitor at Wendy’s in South Vancouver"

On my 15th birthday, I got my first job as a night-shift janitor at Wendy’s on Southeast Marine Drive. I would work from midnight to 8am on Friday and Saturday nights making minimum-wage (which was $3.05 an hour at the time).

Over the next seven years, I worked evenings and weekends at various jobs to be less of a financial burden on my family and to pay for my university education.

"I got my start in business by buying comic books for 10 cents and selling them in a different neighbourhood for 25 cents"

I graduated from UBC’s Faculty of Commerce (now the Sauder School of Business) with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Finance). I then earned my Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) designation while working at KPMG before moving on to work in investment banking and private equity at CIBC World Markets (in Vancouver, Toronto and London, U.K.).

In 2019 I was honoured to be recognized by the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants with a fellowship designation (FCA).

Deep down inside, I always knew I would go on to build my own business. So, after nearly a decade in the corporate world, I decided to leave corporate life to become an entrepreneur.

"My first business (Nurse Next Door) was started because of complications with my wife’s first pregnancy"

When Teena was pregnant in 2001, she was placed on emergency bed rest. When we looked into hiring at-home care, we could not find reliable care services that we could trust. As a result, my business partner and I started Nurse Next Door Homecare Services in Vancouver.

Today, Nurse Next Door has opened over 200 franchise locations across North America and Australia, employing more than 8,000 team members. The company has been recognized as one of North America’s top 50 franchises and a top employer in B.C. and Canada. In addition, our global head office (we call it “Heartquarters”) has always been located in Vancouver.


I ran for Mayor in 2018

I love Vancouver. People close to me know that I have always been deeply passionate about our city and the issues that impact all of us. I grew up here and believe my four boys should have the opportunity to live and eventually raise their families here. I believe this generation, and future generations, should be able to afford to live, work and thrive in our amazing city.

But as we all know, Vancouver is at a crossroads right now. In 2018, I became tired of talking to people who told me they were leaving our city. They were leaving because they either could not afford housing, job opportunities or businesses were being hurt and / or Vancouver was losing its buzz. My fear was that my family, friends, neighbours and co-workers would not be able to call Vancouver home in the not so distant future.

Although I was ready to become mayor, as a rookie politician, I came within 957 votes of becoming the Mayor of Vancouver. Evidently, it was the closest mayoral race in Vancouver’s history.

What is Important to me

• Making housing more attainable for everyone across our city

• Supporting our businesses who are shutting down in neighbourhoods across this city (we are losing our soul)

• Protecting our environment

• Improving the dire situation in the Downtown Eastside


"I believe that the vast majority of our issues can be significantly improved by improving the operations of City Hall"